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Sara – Siri’s clone available for the entire iOS sphere

From the moment the iPhone 4S was released, personal virtual assistants resembling Siri began to spring up like mushrooms, just like Evi, Vokul and Speaktoit.

A Vietnamese team has recently come up with a new personal assistant that seems to look like Siri, namely Sara that works on all iOS devices.  Producers describe it as being easy to use, easy to customize, easy to teach and always free.  Sara goes even further with its features and beside setting reminders and often making irrelevant conversation it can be taught and trained to acknowledge new orders.

Sara is worth being mentioned because of its availability in other countries than the States and only after a month’s development it provides support for 37 languages. We wonder if it would manage to uncrown the famous personal virtual assistant Siri in the nearest future.




iPhone, News/Rumors

Apple against Evi?!

Evi, the virtual assistant developed by True Knowledge became known for the concept of virtual intelligence on mobile devices. Lately, Apple has expressed its displeasure concerning the virtual assistant than resembles to Siri and aims to cut out the $0.99 application from Apple Store.

Rumors argue that the real cause of Apple’s disagreement is not similarities but competition that threats to throw Siri into the background. TechCrunch stated that “Apps which appear confusingly similar to an existing Apple product or advertising theme will be rejected” and it appears that according to the report Apple was playing like cats and dogs with Evi.

It seems that despite their “quarrel” the app remains in the Apple Store and moreover Apple is actually aiming on working with developers for bumping out similarities and avoiding confusion.

The Verge states:

Despite what True Knowledge told TechCrunch, the app remains in the App Store, and according to sources familiar with the matter[translation: Apple off the record], Apple is attempting to work with the developers on bumping out those similarities, rather than just pulling the product. It’s apparently standard practice these days for Apple to flag something that could be confusing to end users and then try to work with developers to alter the appearance and / or functionality of the app, and we’re told that’s taking place with True Knowledge right now.

Even if Evi would have been removed from App Store, the Android version of Evi would have remained the same, unaffected.

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Android’s personal virtual assistant also available for iOS

Siri is not the only personal virtual assistant that chuckles over success. The iOS platform has been dealing with other applications such as Vokul and Evi.Now, Speaktoit, Andorid’s personal assistant is also available for Apple’s operating system.

Last updated in February 2012, the application comes with improvements in voice recognition and in calling performance.Speaktoit is available for both iPhone and iPod and allows the user to choose whether the voice should be male or female.The display could switch from a blonde to a brunette pretty face to a good-looking agent or a sage professor.

The application provides the possibility of connecting to social networks like Facebook or Twitter for always keeping in touch with buddies, look for places on maps, send emails, get latest data about weather report, search for news, read out loud agenda and so on and so forth.Anyone can get Speaktoit straight from App Store for only 1, 59 €.

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Don’t have Siri? Say hello to Evi!

If you were wondering if a Siri-like functionality application will appear for Android or iPhone, now you have the answer: A new app developed by True Knowledge, Evi, has just been released in the App Store and it introduces the concept of the artificial intelligence on the mobile devices. It is a virtual assistant which behaves like a search engine with natural language processing combined with voice recognition. Evi tries to understand what you want to know by using artificial intelligence methods, a knowledge database and searching through web and returns the best responses, when consulted. You can download Evi for $0.99 from the App Store or  get it free, if you are an Android user.

We’ve made some tests and threw a variety of questions to the web engine and we were mostly pleased with the results as we could notice some intelligence in providing the answers. It is definitely not a Siri replacement, because it is different in many ways.

 Evi’s features:

  • Voice or text input – Chat to Evi in plain English and she will understand;
  • Local information for UK and USA – Shopping, news, dining and more. Evi knows where you are and gives answers based on your location;
  • One tap words – Allowing you to build your question super-fast;
  • Built in browser – No need to swap to a different browser, view web links within Evi’s app;
  • A learning and adapting intelligence – Rate Evi’s answers to help her learn more about the world;

TechCrunch believes that Evi is actually smarter than Siri in the accuracy of providing answers. It also handles giving answers which are not about USA but it has its disadvantages like no access to Apple’s stock iOS apps (you can’t send a text message, use your calendar, find contacts) and can’t handle much background noise (problems in speech recognition).

“Obviously Evi is a mobile app right now. But she could be integrated into television, the web, games consoles, you name it.”

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