American woman discovered her son in jail with the help of ”Find My iPhone”

American woman discovered her son in jail with the help of ”Find My iPhone”

After her 16-years-old son didn’t come back home from Halloween party, mother used Find My iPhone function to search for him.

As it was found out, teenager was at a police station.

The young man and two of his friends were being held at the stationhouse on robbery charges.

According to the information of the police, they snuck up on their victims, hit them in the head, and stole valuable things like cell phones.

Two incidents happened on Halloween, whie two others before the holiday.

Find My Phone helped people many times already.

For instance, in August 2013 the story of Derek Grant became world-known. He used the functiom of the smartphone to search for his son’s stolen iPhone. He managed to finf the robber, who wounded him with a knife. Derek wounded the robber protecting himself. The thief died of injuries.


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