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Satechi’s cup holder mount: iPad and iPhone hands-free solution in your vehicle

Satechi SCH-121 holder for smartphones and tablets is the ideal mount for drivers who need a hands-free solution in their cars. The device is suitable for all sorts of 7 to 10 inches smartphones and tablets, having two types of cradles: Satechi SCR-31 Cradle, providing secure mounting and easy access to all buttons, and an additional cradle to mount iPhones or other mobile phones.

It is easy to reach, convenient and safe, providing an extra secure mount with adjustable pivoting action. The cradle can rotate 180 degrees, offering additional flexibility, or 360 degrees, which makes possible using it in portrait or landscape mode.

We cannot deny its utility and benefits, but we should pay attention to other temptations like texting, making a phone call or even playing games and watching movies while driving.

So, if you think this accessory suits your purposes, the Satechi Satechi SCH-121 is available on producer website or for $29.99 USD.