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Nielsen: Android and Apple on Top of Smartphone Market

A Nielsen survey from June, 2012 showed that RIM and Windows are hanging by a thin thread while Android and Apple are pushing them away from the smartphone market. On the other hand, as smartphone ownership grows with each day, both Android and Apple are growing, too, but Android outruns iOS.

According to Nielsen’s analyze, Android expanded with 51.8 percent while iOS with 34.3 percent. As for Blackberry, it seems that only 4 percent of the new smartphone owners chose a RIM phone, expanding with just 8.1 percent.

The significant difference between Apple and Android is due to the smartphone manufacturer share. Android scored such a positive expansion thanks to Samsung, HTC and Motorola while Apple alone had to fight the three of them. Though Apple scored higher than the other mobile giants Android is still more required than iOS.


Tim Cook expressed his grief concerning the litigious tech domain

“I’d rather settle a patent lawsuit, but I don’t want Apple to be the developer for the world, I want people to make their own stuff.”

These are the words expressed in a serious manner by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook after the earnings announcement conference call, and I guess he waited keenly for this moment. Apple Inc. is currently in litigation over patents with great names from the technological domain, namely Google/Motorola, Samsung and HTC.

The Apple products are based on years of hard work and innovation and Tim Cook only asks the other companies to stop taking the Apple inventions and to redeem for the past trespasses. But the Apple’s smartphones and tablets dominate the technological market, such as the Q2 earnings showed, and the other giants from the domain want to keep up, thus a settlement between the companies is almost chimeric.

Source: TNW

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HTC’s weakness revealed: the iPhone

In times gone by HTC was one of the most popular smartphone and the first to use Android. One could not possibly think about a HTC without Android and vice versa. But the strong collaboration between the two companies began to faint when Android associated with Google to build the Nexus One thus, Samsung started its ascendancy. Once with the release of its iPhone 4S, customers chose Apple to be the leader in the U.S. smartphone market, leaving the HTC on a saving-grace 3rd place.

The Taiwanese company’s fourth quarter booked a 26% profit drop and selling didn’t go well in this quarter either. HTC is facing a strong competition in which it has to overlook giants as Apple and Samsung. Is quite demanding to picture this out; Apple’s main revenue source is the iPhone and the last selling announcement was outstanding. On the other hand, Samsung reached the first place as a worldwide smartphone maker, according to IDC.

This being the situation, you might say that HTC needs to capture a golden fish. But the company found the bait that will make the golden fish come to it: four new appealing smartphone models that use Android are to be released on the market in few weeks. Apple should now fear also HTC and not only Samsung.

Apple is arguing both with Samsung and HTC for patent charges, this being only the beginning of a strong competition. Only the number of smartphones sold will picture out the winner.

Source: AppleInsider


Statistics: Apple’s iPhone, the gadget of today’s generation

According to the latest research on Apple Insider, more than a half of smartphone buyers intend to go for Apple iPhones. The study was realized on a survey of over 4,000 American users and more than a half percent claimed that they’re interested in Apple products.

The new iPhone 4S may be responsible for this sudden change of beliefs because it comes with so many advanced features that one does not know exactly for what to use it first. It’s also stated that the Apple Company has never taken control of the smartphone industry as after the release of the iPhone 4S. The second choice for buyers is represented by Samsung, which rose with 8 % from the previous survey, followed by Motorola, HTC and RIM/Blackberry.

Another survey from July 2007 to December 2011 shows that Apple keeps his head above, as for Blackberry things are not that shiny. If at the beginning of 2007, 50% were going for the Blackberry option, at the end of 2011 its value has dropped a lot, facing a 22% of buyers. When it comes to Apple, things were fine and dandy from the very beginning, moving from 77% to 75% of buyers in 2011.

Source:Apple Insider