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iPad 3 vs. Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet

The Google I/O 2012 event has unveiled a 7-inch tablet running on Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean”, providing features like quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1280 x 800 IPS display, 1GB RAM and on-board NFC opportunities. It’s expected to be released in US in mid-July.

The Nexus 7 tablet is going to come in two versions, a 8GB model and a 16GB one, at the price of $200 and $250.

If you were to take a glance at all the 4 tablets, you could see that the competition is between the latest generation of iPad and Nexus 7. Nexus 7 looks like a promising device, coming in handy when reading due to the fact that it fits into your hand.


Tech giants in their battle for the “world’s most admired company” title

Hay Group, a global management consulting firm, contrived a top 50 of the most admired companies. Few weeks ago, Harris Poll RQ offered a similar research and it turned out that the results were similar too. Only the topics and the people categories were different.

For this corporate reputation survey to be accomplished 3,855 executives, directors, and securities analysts from the business sector were asked to vote for 10 companies they admire most, out of a total of 698 companies from 32 countries. The members had to rate companies from any business area on nine criteria, including investment value and social responsibility.

The management consulting firm arrived at some results similar to those from the past years. The first three positions of the top were resided by the tech giants Apple, Google and Amazon. Only Amazon joins the top for the first time, advancing from the seventh place till the third one, while Apple and Google are maintaining the first and the second place for the fifth and respectively the third year in a row.

The success of these companies is due to their tech business sector that it seems to attract everybody like never before in spite of the economic issues and that’s not surprising at all. People enjoy a large variety of gadgets, so the competition is sharp. Apple is fighting Google on the smartphone market with its NEXUS generation while Amazon seems to threat the Cupertino Company with its Kindle models.

But Apple continuously searches for solutions, such as releasing a cheaper 8GB iPad 2, and continues to be the most admired company in the world, the most accurate proof being this years’ iPhone selling success.

Anyway, it seems that the tech sector was not Samsung’s trump this year. The electronics company resided hardly on the 34th place. On the list accomplished by Hay Group, Amazon was followed by Coca Cola, IBM and FedEx.

Source: CNN Money

iPad 3, News/Rumors

Apple to unveil an 8GB iPad 2 on March 7

People expect that once with the iPad 3 release, the iPad 2 price will decrease. Apple is indeed planning to release a cheaper 8 GB iPad 2 at the same with the third-generation tablet release according to inner sources from Apple’s supply chain.

But with this release Apple aims to balance the tablet market and to attenuate the Windows-8 tablets and Amazon’s Kindle Fire threatening and not to persuade people to switch to iPad 3. Anyway, according to one of AYTM’s research, people that don’t own a tablet will be more tempted to buy the third-generation model than those that already own one; only 22% of the iPad 3 models will arrive to tablet owners that wish to upgrade.

According to The Loop, Apple announced that the iPad 3 will be brought into notice the next week, when also the 8GB iPad 2 might be released.

“As expected, Apple on Tuesday announced an event to show off the company’s next generation iPad. The invitation, sent to me by Apple, says the event will take place at 10:00 am on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.”

It seems that curiosity grows with each day until March 7. People are eager to see the most rumored tablet. Let’s hope that the iPad 3 will reach the expectations and that Apple will not unveil a 2S model.

Source: AppleInsider


Twitter App updated for iPhone and Android smartphones

Twitter made public on Tuesday the news that the Twitter App for iOS and Android will be improved to suit best the new smartphone technology.

The improvements consist in adding new features and also in re-introducing the best features from older versions, but they will not be the same for both platforms.

Twitter App for Android will be enhanced to run on Ice Cream Sandwich versions and on Kindle Fire and Nook tablets.

The iPhone users should be more thankful because the iOS Twitter App will better improved, compared to the Android version. Besides the new design of the direct messages and new options added, such as the “Read Later Service” the company also brought to light older options, the most relevant being the possibility to change font size and to mark all messages as read with one single tap of the fingertip.

Both iPhone and Android versions got back the swipe shortcut that enables one to @reply, favorite, share, retweet and see other profiles without leaving he’s own. Twitter App also received a feature that can find one’s friends looking through e-mail or phone contacts.

All in all, even if you are an iPhone passionate or an Android fanatic, using Twitter will certainly be an improved experience.

Source: Mashable

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Kindle Fire’s success has no ascendancy over iPad’s selling

The tablet market is a flourishing one; selling nearly doubled since the last year, as analysts revealed in studies about Apple and Samsung revenues. It seems that Amazon’s Kindle Fire is catching the popularity of those two big tablet makers from behind.  The Fire tablet sold really well since its release, mostly in the holiday gifting season. But there is an important difference between the successful selling of Amazon and that of Apple. Both companies sold millions of tablets, but when it comes to sales reports, Apple’s results are breathtaking while those of Amazon are only amazing.

If we are to compare the two businesses, Apple is selling more tablets than Amazon and the difference between the prices of iPad and Kindle Fire is incommensurable, hence the great difference between the profits of the two companies. Besides, Apple is also a hardware maker. But that’s another chapter of selling comparison.

All in all, Amazon has reasons to be proud. The announcement of the last quarter revenue will certainly be one of its best; selling went well in the last year for both Amazon and Apple but the incomes of the two companies are different.

Source: AllThingsD

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Kindle Fire, a new adversary for iPad?

This year’s first quarter earnings announcement proved that the release of Kindle Fire did not influenced the iPad selling. Though the Amazon Kindle Fire was categorized as a tablet it still has its limitations, reason for which it should not be compared with Apple’s tablet thus, it does not represent a competitor for iPad.

The question whether Apple’s selling of iPad was or was not influenced by the release of Amazon’s tablet came from an analyst during the Q1 announcement conference. CEO Tim Cook answered really confident that Apple

“strongly believes in optimizing applications from day one to take advantage of the larger canvas. There are only a few hundred apps designed for the competition, versus more than 170,000 apps designed specifically for iPad. People who want an iPad won’t settle for a limited function tablet.”

There are other tablets on the market which might represent a challenge for iPad but even so Apple is not afraid because they will “continue to innovate like crazy” said Cook and lots of other new devices are on their way to the market.

Source: MacRumors

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Pew reveals the great gig in the tablet’s ownership sky

The tablet ownership, and also the eReaders one nearly doubled over the holidays, jumping from 10% to 19%. No wonder their popularity raised lately. Pew Research Center revealed how these gadgets raised their status from interesting gadgets to Very Important Gadgets in only one month. It seems that lots of iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook Color and eReader devices found their place under the Christmas tree in 2011.

Between mid-December and early January the number of Americans owning a tablet and/or an e-book reader raised twice, shifting also the selling situation that was not profitable during the autumn. In the holiday season also the number of digital reading devices, mostly Nook and Kindle, raised briskly from 18% in December to 29% in January. This doubling was possible also due to the prices that were lower in the gifting season. Amazon cut considerably the price of its Kindle Fire, followed by Barnes and Noble’s Nook Color.

Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project took this survey on a number of 2,986 people, most of them adults. The survey referred to tablets in general and made no mention about the iPad. There’s no doubt selling was profitable also for Apple’s tablet during the holiday season. Fortunately, Apple’s earnings report is on its way and we will have the exact details of the iPad sales in December and not only.

Source: PewResearch