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Apple sends invitations for ‘Hello Again’ October 27th Mac-centric event

Apple on Wednesday sent out invitations for a Mac-centric event that will be held on Thursday, October 27 at 10:00 a.m. at Apple’s Cupertino campus. 

The invitations confirm an earlier suggestions that the Cupertino company was set to hold an event to take the wraps off of its latest MacBook Pro design.

The event is expected to be headlined by the revamped MacBook Pro, which will be available in both 13- and 15-inch varieties.

MacBook Pro is expected to come with a thinner, lighter body, a wider, pressure-sensitive trackpad and a flatter MacBook-style keyboard. It will also feature USB-C with USB 3.1 support for faster transfer speeds, Thunderbolt 3, and Touch ID. 


Some sources suggest Apple may offer the 13-inch MacBook Air. The device will likely be a standalone product going forward, based on rumors suggesting the 11-inch model will be discontinued.

Not all Macs are said to be refreshed or overhauled at the upcoming event. Mac minis and Mac Pros will probably not get any changes.

As usual, Apple will be live-streaming the event.

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Thinner MacBook Air in 13″ and 15″ sizes rumored for WWDC 2016

Apple may be getting ready to present a revamped MacBook Air at next year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, according to Taiwanese publication Economic Daily News.

The source reported on Monday that the company is working with suppliers on an all-new MacBook Air series due to launch at next year’s WWDC. 

The new MacBook Air is rumored to be slimmer and available in 13-inch and 15-inch sizes, but it wasn’t said if an 11-inch model will also be included. The slimmer design will be enabled by “fully redesigned” internal components across the board. 

Inside, the 2016 MacBook Air will be equipped with new battery packs, cooling modules, panels and more into a revamped metal chassis. 


The company’s notebook lineup expanded earlier this year with the addition of the new MacBook, an ultrathin device carrying a 12-inch Retina display and utilizing ultra low voltage Intel chips for a fanless design.

While a reshuffled MacBook Air lineup is a possibility, today’s reports hint more on a long-awaited MacBook Pro refresh. Apple’s top-of-the-line MacBook Pro laptops are currently available in 13- and 15-inch flavors and are due for a redesign.

If the rumor is true, the company would be selling one 12-inch laptop, three 13-inch devices — iPad Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro — and two 15-inch models.

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HendgeDocks for MacBook Air 13″

Docking stations for smartphones and tablets are devices used by many users. However, not everyone knows that there are such things for your MacBook Air.

It’s not a secret that “MacBooks ” have a special port for display an image on a big screen. While earlier models used MiniDisplay Port, current versions of MacBook are equipped with ports called Thunderbolt. In our case, we are talking about HendgeDocks dock for MacBook Air 13 “model of 2012 and later.

Case of the dock is made ​​of white glossy plastic with a special rubber strip on the bottom part that serves as a stand. It protects the device from falling down.

The device is also equipped with a special clip which fixes a cable of the charger. That means, that the cable will not hang loosely, breaking the overall aesthetics of your workspace.


No need to worry about the fact that the device will have no functional USB 3.0 ports and MiniDisplay Port / Thunderbolt. There are all necessary interfaces inside the dock, and their ports are duplicated at the end. The only thing you will have to forget is a connector for SD cards. A dock can support only MiniDisplay Port. Thanks to a free USB 3.0 port you can easily connect an external hard drive or some other peripherals with a dock.

IMG_8430   IMG_8435  IMG_8432

The dock will be useful for those who need a large size display, but who don’t want to refuse from the mobility of MacBook Air.

Be sure to take into account that the docking station for the different types of devices are not compatible with each other. If you purchased the dock for the MacBook Pro and want to install Air there, be ready that it won’t fit the dock. Shape of the stand is designed for a specific type of computer.


“Quickly connect and disconnect all peripherals. Easily eliminate desktop cable clutter. Elegantly integrate MacBook and home theater system,”-the designers note.


WWDC 2012 : Phil Schiller announces updates on the The MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro

From the beginning of his speech, Phil Schiller has talked about how everyone is going to copy the Apple gadgets and come with their versions. First of all the the MacBook Air is getting Ivy Bridge processors, that are going to run up to 3.2Ghz, and an improvement in graphics, up to 60% faster and not to mention up to 512 GB of flash storage. Other improvements of MacBook Air are USB 3.0. The prices would start from $999 and $1099 for the MacBook Air 11″ and the 13″ is dropping to $100. Fans would be thrilled to find out that shipping starts today, 11 June.

The MacBook Pro is also getting an update like the MacBook Air, for example 3-rd gen Core named as Ivy Bridge, Turbo Boost up to 3.7 GHz and up to 605 faster graphics. The prices for 15″ Macbook Pro and 13″ MacBook Pro will remain the same and it’s said that shipping starts also today.


Apple may withdraw the 17-inch MacBook Pro

A report published on Monday by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and KGI Securities was indicating that Apple “is likely to stop making” the 17-inch MacBook Pro due to the weak shipments.

Kuo draws the conclusion that the 17-inch MacBook Pro may no longer be produced by taking into consideration the future launch of new revamped notebooks with Intel’s latest generation IvyBridge processors and the of late selling of the Company. Almost a half of the sold notebooks were 13-inch MacBook Pro. According to Kuo’s foresight, the new notebooks will be a combination between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Kuo also predicted the faith of other Apple products. He set forth that Apple will give up the polycarbonate MacBook White and he analyzed few days ago how the new iPhone could get 15% thinner. It didn’t take long until the white MacBook was completely discontinued.

It seems that Apple needs to make a lot of room for a new notebook if it decided to drop out the 17-inch MacBook Pro, thus, we should get ready to say hello to other years of hard work and innovation.

Source: MacRumors


Tips for increasing your Mac laptop Battery Life

Mac Books, Mac Books Pro and Mac Book Air have an incredible battery life when it comes to battery performance but we provided a few tips and tricks for increasing it as long as possible. The following steps are suggestions especially for those that travel a lot and need their battery to hold as long as possible on their portable Macs.  Average Mac users should have in mind the easiest and useful tip, namely reducing the screen brightness.

  • As argued before, reducing the screen brightness is the first step that needs to be taken into consideration for saving battery life. 50% or less would do just fine for your gadget and it could be adjusted from the keyboards, for example F1 and F2, allowing the user to control the lowest value of brightness that he can accept.
  • Reducing or even Disabling the Keyboard Illumination comes to the rescue. For those that possess backlit keyboards, reducing the illumination would also help the user save battery and the procedures for doing so are quite easy: System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Illuminate Keyboard in a low light conditions
  • Disable Bluetooth– If you are not on the lookout for Bluetooth devices, it’s preferable of turning it off. Merely open System Preferences-> Bluetooth-> ON
  • Disable Wi-Fi– We recommend it to those that don’t require an internet connection all day long  because those that cope with networking round the clock would find it a little to annoying for turning it on and off dozens of time.
  • Remove Disks from the DVD Drive– Drive spinning also reduces the battery life, so it’s advised to eject any disks, especially for MacBook and MacBook Pro users with a Super Drive.
  • Quit Unused Applications, Browser Windows and Tabs– Running apps use both RAM and CPU cycle, that meaning battery drain so try to use as little Virtual Memory as possible. It’s the same thing for videos and complex scripts; even though the web pages are inactive there is still usage of system resources.
  • Less usage of iSight Camera–  FaceTime and iSight come in handy when keeping in touch with dear ones but it surely drains battery.
  • Turn ON “Click to plugin” in Web Browsers– Meaning that the user loads plugins by clicking them because Flash and HTML movies require massive CPU cycles that surely reduce the battery.

iPad users could also increase their battery life with Tips & Tricks for iPad.


Apple to choose for the new MacBook Air an AMD Llano Fusion processor instead of Intel

Apple took into account putting AMD’s Processor in his 2011 MacBook Air. Advanced Micro Devices suggested the new Llano Fusion processor, which integrates a CPU and a GPU on the same slice of silicone and can boost more power into the slim notebook.

The idea sounded promising and impressed Apple, but AMD was unable to deliver the processor in time so Apple decided to stick to Intel’s ‘Ivy Bridge’ that also includes GPU capabilities. Forbes brings into notice after interviewing former AMD employees what caused the delay of the processor distribution:

“AMD’s engineers were trying to do too much, too quickly, however, shifting to a new manufacturing process at Global Foundries for a processor with a radical new design.”

“AMD couldn’t even get early working samples of Llano to Apple on time, one former employee says.”

After the ‘Llano’ failure, AMD played its cards once again and suggested the ‘Brazos’ processor for the new version of Apple TV box, but the company considered it not powerful enough to measure the performance needs of the TV set.

Apple was each time dealing with processors issues and the decisions were not always easy to take. Rumors about what the new generation of iPad integrates in its manufacturing already exists but only in March we will know for sure what processor Apple choose for its iPad 3.

Source: MacRumors via Forbes

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Apple pressures Pegatron to cease production of Asus Zenbook

I will just present the facts and let you do the comments and debates on the subject. I guess you are familiar anyway with the latest lawsuits concerning Apple’s patents and copyright policies.

The latest “victim” of these battles is Pegatron manufacturer which has been told by Apple to stop the production of Asus Zenbook laptops because of the design similarity with Apple’s MacBook Air. If Pegatron refuses to take in consideration this demand, they lose orders from Apple, which means a lot to the company that not only assembles iPhones, but is also believed to be producing the next generation of iPad.

According to Commercial Times:

Apple reportedly was unhappy about Pegatron’s production of Asustek’s Zenbook models, which are similar to its MacBook Air, especially in its outer design, and therefore, demand Pegatron make a choice, claimed the paper, which added that Pegatron began to assemble iPhones for Apple in 2011 and is eager to solicit orders for next-generation iPads from the vendor.

It seems that Pegatron will pull back from producing ZenBook by next month, and Asus will probably switch over to Wistron or Compal manufacturers. Do you think Apple’s approach regarding this matter is correct?

Source: macrumors

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Say goodbye to 13-inch MacBook White

MacBook, “the notebook for everyone”, was brought into notice in flourishing times, namely in 2006 when the Intel processors began to replace the PowerPC. Until 2010, when MacBook Air was released, MacBook was Apple’s precious notebook.

Since its release on the market the MacBook suffered some design changes the most relevant being in 2009 when the notebook received a unibody polycarbonate enclosure. Last year Apple drew the MacBook off the retail market, but it remained available for educational institution’s needs. According to MacRumors, Apple decided few days ago to stop every MacBook White selling; the notebook is now classified as “End of Life.”

Apple uses progress and innovation to build success and the 13-inch MacBook White can no longer be improved since devices as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iPad were released. The iPad and the iBook Textbooks are used more and more in educational development so neither in schools the good old MacBook could find no more a useful place.

Source: MacRumors