2 Teens hit the apps jackpot

Who would have thought that two teenage boys will create an app that would be downloaded by 16,500 people? This happened to Ryan Orbuch and Michael Hansen both from Boulder, Colorado. These two boy created an anti-procrastination iOS which they called Finish. This app was launched last January 16. Finish was downloaded 16,500 times in just a few weeks since it was launched. The price per download of the app is $0.99. No one would expect that two teenage boys will make $16,000 in a less than a month.

The pair came up with Finish when they were agonizing over finals during their sophomore year at Boulder High School in Boulder, Colo. The idea was to help people deal with procrastination. For months, they worked on interface, design, and development. By last August they had a beta version of the app and it hit Apple’s App Store last month.
The app lets users set short, mid, and long-term tasks. As the date for the task to be done nears, the app notifies the user. The idea is to not let anything sneak up on procrastinators. And, it’s not only for high schoolers, Orbuch said.
“We’ve seen Finish work for an amazing variety of people. From high school students to lawyers, doctors to real estate agents, writers to entrepreneurs, and tons more,” Orbuch said. “Though the app was built by students, it wasn’t built to be school-specific. Finish is essentially a framework, it’s an app that provides the perfect amount of structure to truly reduce stress and ease procrastination for just about anyone.”


iPad owners spend altogether $70K a day on Newsstand content

Apple released the Newsstand 6 months ago, once with the release of iOS 5. This area of the App Store gathers in a single folder all newspaper and magazine apps installed by a user.

Due to the fact that since the release of its first iPad Apple managed to sell 50 million tablets, Distimo Publication explored the depth of this fresh App Store area; the research company reached to the conclusion that more than 70K USD per day got spend by iPad users on Newsstand content.

The report also revealed that 10% of all iPad apps feature in-app purchases, while among the iPhone apps only 6% feature in-app purchases. So far, Apple’s App Store is the only one that integrates such purchases, meaning that one can get a free app and then pay for an upgrade.

It seems that the Newsstand category generates substantial revenues to Apple; 7% of the top 200 grossing apps are accounted from news apps, reaching to the top of the iPad apps. The daily $70K USD is made by the top 100 grossing Newsstand magazines, most downloaded being The Daily, NYTimes for iPad, The New Yorker Magazine, National Geographic Magazine and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Also, another surprisingly finding was that China became the leading Apple App Store for iPad judging after the app downloads. No wonder the winner of the 25 Billion App promotion was Chinese.

Distimo’s report was achieved after an accurate analysis of the Apple App Store for iPad in the United States in February 2012. After only 6 months, the Newsstand proves to be a great shot not only for Apple but also for developers.

Source: Business Insider

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The Daily’s birthday present: reaching 100,000 paid subscribers on iPad

The Daily launched one year ago and succeeded in such short time to be one of the best iPad’s periodical publications. Firstly, the app creator, Rupert Murdoch, hoped to get at least 500,000 subscriptions to keep its work going. Now, Mashable says the paper has 100,000 paid subscribers, which does not equal the original expectations but, it’s a good beginning and publisher Greg Clayman seems to be enthusiastic and optimistic about the Daily’s future.

The New Year came with the first Android edition launched for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the close future steps for the digital newspaper are to release versions for iPhone and Android smartphones and later on, why not, Windows Phone also. They will concentrate more on mobile space and mobile users, as they are first and more interested in subscribing on breaking news.

For the moment, the Daily does not enjoy the popularity wanted, but “the future is orange” as they now have “fully functional app CMS, and a large, engaged readership”.

Source: mashable