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Apple aims in providing private off-campus restaurants for keeping their ideas under secret

It’s not breaking news to hear that Apple becomes serious when it comes to keeping their ideas and plans under secret, as it’s used to say “Secrecy is in Apple’s DNA”. Now Apple has managed to get an approval from the Cupertino Planning Commission for building a new-off campus restaurant. A place strict for Apple’s employees where they could eat and debate all kind of subjects without fearing that someone would steal their idea.

The new Apple cafeteria (21,468-square-foot) will be located near Apple’s Infinite Loop headquarters and will offer employees a meeting room, lounge areas and a second floor that deals with restaurant stuff. The most important reason why Apple’s director, Dan Whisenhunt has come with the plan is because in Cupertino there are other competitor companies in the same business.

After reviewing the drawings, the Community Development Department of Cupertino comes with the statement:

The proposed project is very well designed with generally good site landscaping, and a well refined glass, metal and panel skin. Its relatively low profile and substantial landscaping along the two street frontages will likely make the landscaping the dominant visual element at the corner with views of the building greatly subdued. A building of this refined shape and simplified detailing will, of course, depend upon the quality of the materials and the attention to the architectural details. However, given the reputation of the applicant for this project, I assume that this level of attention will be pro­vided.



Top Secret-Apple under the sign of secrets and mystery

It’s said that secrecy is in Apple’s DNA. It’s obvious that such a big corporation like Apple couldn’t have managed to maintain its gadgets secret until the release date if it weren’t for the demanding terms and penalties.

Mac Format quotes an anonymous Apple store employee “You have to be late like 15 times before they’ll fire you. But if you talk to the press or speculate to a customer about the next iPad, it’s the end of you”. That’s what makes the corporation special; nobody knows exactly what is going on behind those walls and it managed to make Apple one of the most debated companies in the world. Also, every employee must obey Apple’s core rules: Honesty, Respect, Confidentiality, Community and Compliance.

We could say that Apple is unique in its way of wanting to keep things unknown until the last minute. Other companies want publicity and would do anything to receive the lightest attention from media and bloggers. This way Apple becomes the chased one and all kind of rumors about existing and future gadgets begin to appear. Developers argue that they were put in rooms without windows and watched over by guards when testing applications on a genuine iPad that was meant to be released in the nearest future. Moreover, iPads were locked on desks having misleading frames; pictures of desks were made in an attempt to expose those that would have dared to take secret pictures of the devices.  A developer told Business Insider “I wasn’t allowed to tell CEO. I wasn’t allowed to tell anybody anything about what we were doing. I couldn’t even tell my wife”.

It’s also said that Apple is secretive because of Steve Jobs, he did it for a living, he was native secretive. Little things are known today because some ideas “got away” but there’s no doubt that Apple has secrets that would never see daylight.

Source: Mac Format

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Secret Apple project: port Mac OS X to iPad-style ARM processors

In 2010, Apple’s CoreOS team worked to port the Mac OS X Darwin kernel to the ARMv5 chipset architecture – chipsets that currently powers iPhone and iPad. The project was called “Porting Darwin to the MV88F6281″, subtitled “ARMing the Snow Leopard” with the main goal of setting Darwin in a stable state on the MV88F6281 processor.  The project has been made public couple months ago, but it is not known if it’s still in work, or they have abandoned it.

Since the project began, Apple released new versions of Mac, iPad and MacBook Air, but no sign of MAC OS X on ARM. They decided instead, to take iOS software “Back to the Mac” with OS X 10.7 Lion version. Latest rumors showed also a more probably iOS move towards the Mac than moving Mac to ARM.

Taking in consideration that neither an OS X tablet nor an ARM MacBook Air seem likely, why would Apple still need to have ARM-compatible builds of OS X in their labs?