Flipboard for iOS updated: Google+ and YouTube Integration

As you probably know, Flipboard integrates stuff that your friends are sharing from Facebook, Instagram & Twitter like photo albums, videos, newsfeed, magazines and so on and so forth.  One may also receive newsfeed from Google Reader, Linkedln, SoundCloud, Tumbl and Flickr. Flipboard is the app that offers a whole new perspective over social networks.

Flipboard has received quite a significative update at a short period from the announcement of the new Microsoft tablet, Surface. Although it comes with a 10.6 inch multi-touch tablet, running on Windows 8 with an ARM processor, rumors argue that it doesn’t stand a chance against the latest generation of iPad.

It’s most important updates are Google+ connection, YouTube video integration for flicking through videos shared by favorite channels and localized editions for Germany, Italy, Korea, Netherlands and Spain.